With over 30 years of experience in the forklift and warehouse industry, Silver State Forklift guarantees you are in expert hands.

Services and Repairs

  • Repairs and servicing for all types and model forklifts
  • Basic and major servicing for all LPG, Gas, Dual fuel, Battery/Electric and Diesel Forklifts
  • Electric and Manual Pallet jacks
  • Preventative maintenance programs to keep your forklift operating at its best
  • Service or repair any hydraulic problems and solve all of your electrical problems
  • Fully refurbish your forklift
  • Pick up and delivery service if your forklift needs major repairs
  • Quick response time with breakdown emergencies

Scheduled Forklift Maintenance

Our technicians will travel to your location. They will change the oil, oil filter and air filter. They will also grease all fittings and blow off any dust out of the engine compartment and radiator or battery compartment. They will inspect the lift or equipment for any deficiencies and make sure all the safety equipment is working properly. These detections in deficiencies may save you in expensive repairs if neglected. We will never perform any repairs beyond the scope of the inspection without your authorization.

Why Forklift Maintenance?

Forklift maintenance is an investment that will pay dividends in the form of improved reliability, durability and resale value. Just like your car at home, the forklift, under normal conditions, will need forklift maintenance performed at regular intervals. To assure the proper performance of your equipment, it is imperative that scheduled forklift maintenance be completed at these designated intervals.

Other Services

  • Service and repair dock plates and levelers
  • Service and Repair Dock Door Seals
  • All other warehouse equipment
  • Service and repair on tractors, and other commercial vehicles
  • Transportation of equipment from one location to another
  • Fabrication and onsite welding

Battery Services

Our technicians can come to your location and perform an initial evaluation of the condition of your battery. This evaluation consists of voltage tests, hydrometer readings and load testing of the battery. With this evaluation we can detect 90% of your battery problems. We handle battery repairs such as: Cell replacements, cables and straps, watering systems, and proper cleaning of the battery. We can also supply you with new, used, and reconditioned batteries if necessary.

Emergency Down Lift Trucks

If your lift is down and needs to come to the shop for repairs, we can loan you a lift. $125.00 one time fee for no matter how long we have your equipment. No high rental fees.

Forklift Refurbishing

At Silver State Forklift we refurbish forklifts 100% on site. We do this to a lot of the used forklifts that we sell. We can also do this to your lifts and equipment as well. It is a lot cheaper then buying a new lift. We inspect every aspect of the lift, install all new safety equipment, and make it run, operate, and look like new.

Ask us about our servicing and maintenance!